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Leverage E-Mobility Standardisation for the
eBus Charging System

The introduction of electric buses allows the broader public, especially in urban neighborhoods with high particulate air pollution or noise, to take direct advantage of electric mobility. Previous projects proved the technical feasibility of economically optimized charging systems for electric buses at but depots and even in some pilot projects for opportunity charging at intermediate bus stations. Current state of the art however builds upon demonstration projects with highly individual solutions.

However, a broad and sustainable market launch of eBuses requires the establishment of international technical standards. Hence, eBusCS focuses on the domain-specific development and characteristics of agreed application scenarios, common architectures and communication interface supplements of today's status quo in the field of electric passenger vehicles and the internally recognized Combined Charging System (CCS).

The eBusCS objectives

The objective of eBusCS is to promote international standardization of charging processes for electric buses within cities that are fully automated on selected intermediate stations as well as with extended energy management for depot charging use cases. Especially in the latter case the integration of charging infrastructures needs to be optimized as the power demand will have a significant impact on corresponding distribution grids and their associated operation costs. In parallel to contributions to standardization the project will establish practical demonstration scenarios for eBusses and corresponding charging stations for technology evaluation. In the context of vendor independent standardization eBusCS will stimulate networking between representative stakeholders of the public transport sector and support operators in the process of adopting the new eBus charging technology.

Details on the Work Packages of the eBusCS project can be found here.

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